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Lilith Theater, the Bay Area’s internationally renowned women’s theater of the 1970s and 1980s, was founded in Berkeley, California in 1974, by Terry Baum, Charlotte Colavin, and Shelley Fields and Carolyn Myers. 


Moving to San Francisco in 1976 and continuing through 1985, Lilith Theater produced many collectively created original plays: Good Food, Moonlighting, Sacrifices, and Exit the Maids. They also produced plays by women playwrights: Pizza by Michele Linfante, Manifesto by Dacia MaraniThe Daughters of Erin, by Carolyn Myers and Elizabeth Roden. A touring company at European and American Theater Festivals, Lilith Theater also gave an impromptu performance during a ferry strike and was caught in the Mt. St. Helens eruption!


Now, after a hiatus of a few decades, Terry Baum and Carolyn Meyers have created Lilith Theater San Francisco and return to the Bay Area theater scene with its production of Terry Baum’s solo play:  Hick: A Love Story.  Written by Terry Baum & Pat Bond



LILITH, the first woman, originally appears in the Babylonian Talmud, when she is created from dust at the same moment as Adam to be his mate.  When Adam demands that Lilith lie beneath him, she objects, reminding him that they were created equals. Adam complains to God about his disobedient wife. Lilith storms out of Eden to be her own woman. God gives Adam a replacement wife made from his own rib to guarantee her obedience – and we all know how that ends up. Lilith, according to Jewish mythology, becomes a powerful demon after leaving Eden, causing babies to die and men to have wet dreams.  But those are just vicious rumors.  In our eyes, Lilith is the role model for all rebellious, powerful women who refuse to bow down to the Patriarchy.


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