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Terry  with her father, 1946. Terry shares, “We always had a special relationship. We were very close. In many ways, I’m exactly like him, except that I’m a woman born at a different time who went to Antioch College.”


Terry as a “newly-minted lesbian” on New Year’s Eve, 1976. L-R: Carolyn Myers, her collaborator; Nancy Baum, her sister; Terry Baum; Sherry McVickar, her first woman lover. Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.


Terry with her lover, Alice, in the Swiss Alps during Lilith Theater’s first European tour, 1979. Photo credit: Carolyn Myers. Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.

terry and marty.jpg

Terry and Marty Selim, one of her closest friends, 1988. Marty died of AIDS in 1991 and lived with Terry the last nine months of his life. Terry shares, “For all of us in San Francisco, the epidemic was a huge part of our lives. Marty was my greatest loss.” Photo credit by John Camp. Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.

new year's.jpg

Terry at a New Year’s Eve gathering to watch Doris Day movies with the Doris Day Gay Fan Club, Amsterdam, 1993. L-R: Terry, Elliot Rubin (close gay friend, composer and choral conducter), Godelieve Smelt (on-again-off-again lover, painter), Cory (a passing friend), and Diana Avila (one of Terry’s “great loves,” a Costa Rican poet working for the International Press Service in Amsterdam). Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.


Terry with her sister Nancy, who died in 2009.


Terry as Dr. Gertrude Lesbostein in her play “Bride of Lesbostein,” a production of The Crackpot Crones, 2013. Photo credit: Liz Payne. Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.


Terry’s sister Nancy came across a photo of Terry at the bottom of a bidcage in a pet shop near her house, 2006. The San Francisco Chronicle featured Terry’s photo from her play “Baum for Peace” about her run for U.S. Congress in 2004. Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.

Baum_Terry on horse.jpg

Terry in the driveway of her home, Culver City, CA. “I was always a horse-crazy girl, and I love this photo because in my head, I’m NOT in a driveway. I’m a cowgirl riding the range.”

photo booth selfie.jpg

Photo booth selfie while traveling on the European tour with Uma, Carolyn’s 6-month old baby. Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.

immediate family.jpg

Photo from Terry’s play “Immediate Family” (1983) about a woman at the bedside of her comatose partner, facing the fact that she has no legal right to say anything about her partner’s medical treatment. This play about marriage rights was produced in several cities that had anti-gay initiatives on the ballot. Photo credit: Cammie Toloui. Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.


Terry at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, 1989. “I was a one-woman contingent. No one would march with me.” Photo credits by John Camp and Bonnie Daley. Photos courtesy of Terry Baum.


Terry with her lover, Jessica Nooney, at a friends’ house in the country outside of NYC, 1999. Photo credit: Florence Yee. Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.


Terry with her niece Rose Shapiro. After her sister died, Terry grew very close to her niece. Photo credit: Janaki Wilkinson. Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.

campaign mgr.jpg

Terry with her campaign manager, Sue Vaughan, San Francisco, CA, 2011. “I made a difference and had a good time.” Photo credit: Carolyn Myers. Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.

Eve Lilith on the Town (1).jpg

Terry graduates from Antioch College, 1969. Photo credit: Macy Baum. Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.

dos lesbos.jpg

Poster for the original production of “Dos Lesbos“ in 1981 with Terry Baum, Alice Thompson II, Maeve the Great Dane, and Hubert the Duck. “Dos Lesbos,“ written by Terry and Carolyn Myers, was the first play about lesbians from their own point of view that many people had seen. It inspired “Places, Please,” the first anthology of plays by lesbians (1985), and offended the Pope during World Pride 2000 in Rome. Photos by Nina LoRicco, poster design by Fraser MacBeth. Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.


Terry and her sister, Nancy Shapiro, demonstrating against the invasion of Afghanistan with a banner made by Nancy, San Francisco, 2001. Photo credit: Susan Miller. Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.


Terry and her sister, Nancy Shapiro, with their parents, Macy and Suzanne Baum, at Nancy’s daughter Rose’s batmitzvah, Berkeley, CA, 2002. Photo credit: Janaki Wilkinson. Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.


Terry ran for Mayor of San Francisco in 2011. (L-R) Carolyn Myers, friend and general assistant, Terry, and close friends, LauRose Felicity and Calla Felicity, Dyke March, San Francisco, 2011. Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.


Wall of posters of several of the many independent productions of “Dos Lesbos,”  -- including an Italian production (1999, upper left), and  Belgium, (1987, lower left). Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.


2014 publicity photo of Terry for “Hick: A Love Story,” about Lorena Hickok, Eleanor Roosevelt’s lover, that Terry started performing across the country in 2013. Photo credit: Lynn Fried. Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.

Carolyn Myers and Terry, as “Eve in Therapy,” at the Stud, a San Francisco bar, where there are soon to perform a scene from their show, A Coupla Crackpot Crones, 2014. Photo credit: Donna Mori. Photo courtesy of Terry Baum.

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