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A Tragi-Comedy with Puppets & Songs


Written & Performed

by Terry Baum

“Featuring puppets by

Mari Kaestle of Sesame Street

Songs by Scrumbly Koldewyn

of Cockettes fame & David Hyman

Additional music by

J. Althea”


"Best of Fringe!"

- 2016 San Francisco Fringe Festival

In her semi-autographical play, Waiting for the Podiatrist, Terry Baum plays Alex, a middle-aged lesbian dealing with a hysterical, judgmental mother while her father lies in a coma. Will Mother and Daughter pull the plug on their beloved patriarch? If not, who will cut his toenails? Will Daughter move to L.A. for Mom, or will she prevail in her selfish attempts to escape the quicksand of family obligations? With humor, two hand puppets and a bunch of witty songs, Terry Baum delves deep in pondering these questions -- the very ones she faced when her own father lay comatose in UCLA Hospital.



"A provocatively comic show about a middle-aged lesbian dealing with an upset, judgmental mother as her father lies in a coma in Intensive Care, his toenails growing dangerously out of control.  Baum confronts life-and-death issues while working masterfully with two terrific hand puppets and singing witty songs.  As usual, Baum's acute, thoughtful humor carries the day... "Podiatrist" speaks to anyone who's ever had, parents."

- San Francisco Chronicle



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