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Sketches & Improv


Written, Improvised & Performed

by Terry Baum & Carolyn Myers

“A pair of very smart, very insightful and very funny ladies.”


The East Villager, New York City


“An amusing, endearingly earthy, and politically conscious show… Invention and the political moment come together with earnestness and humor … These women may be aging but they’re still raging.”


San Francisco Bay Guardian


“The Crackpot Crones are intriguing, enlightening, comical and real.”


San Francisco Bay Times

Over the winter holidays 2007-2008, Terry Baum and Carolyn Myers, theatrical soul mates for 40 years, yet tragically separated by geographical distance, went on vacation to the mountains of Northern New México. They stayed in the town of Ojo Caliente at Casa Feminista, a guesthouse run by Sonia Johnson, the great feminist activist and writer. 

How could they not perform for Sonia when they were staying at her house?  So they put on a show for all the women in town.  It was such a hit that they did it again the next night!  The future Crones had so much fun that they realized it was their destiny to do just that for the rest of their lives.  Since then, they have performed in theaters, colleges and conferences in California, New York and Oregon, the New York International Fringe Festival, the Santa Cruz Fringe Festival, and the Women on the Way Festival in San Francisco.  They specialize in shows that explore and explode the holidays:  The “I Hate Valentine’s Day” Show, MOMS!, and Crones for the Holidays  (Christmas).


A Coupla Crackpot Crones is composed of Terry Baum (slightly world-renowned lesbian Playwright) and Carolyn Myers (retired warrior princess of comedy). They bring their sketch comedy including Eve in Therapy where Adam’s wife seeks relief from her guilt for causing the downfall of the human race. In the Red Hanky Grannies, the Crones play two old peace activists conspiring to escape a nursing home to attend a demonstration. 


The Coming-Out Transformations, they use three wildly different theatrical styles to explore a daughter revealing her lesbianism to her mother.

 The Crones have been creating theater together and cracking audiences up for 40 years. They were members of Lilith, the renowned San Francisco women’s theater of the 70’s. They co-wrote Dos Lesbos, A Play by, for and About Perverts, which opened in Oakland in 1981, inspired the first anthology of plays by lesbians in 1985, and offended the Pope in an Italian production in Rome in 2000. Resurrected in 2008, they have since performed throughout the Bay Area, and in Oregon, New York and New Mexico.



"A wickedly funny look at human folly...  daringly irreverent, brilliant, insightful and hilarious!"


Musical Theatre Lovers United


"When it comes to activist theatre,

these cranky crackpots crank...."



"...The Crackpot Crones' trademark sass..."

SF Weekly


"Brilliantly smart and quick-witted... They will stir the audience with rousing chitchat about religion and politics...Shall we say Genius? Of course!"


Lee Hartgrave Tonight



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